Fantasy Football First Round Draft Do’s and Don’ts

In the first round of any fantasy football draft you should only have one goal: to pick the safest player available. I usually allow this goal to carry over for my next 3-4 rounds but your draft strategy is your choice. But none the less it is a proven fact that with your first pick you should have safety as the main goal. That being said I am going to run through the top 10 players in order of their average draft position, and tell you a little about them and give them a safety grade of 1-10.

Also let me go ahead and say that no running back will get a safety rating of 10 because of the amount of hits their bodies take all year. At some point in their career they will all get hurt. Let’s just hope it’s not while they are on your team. The safety grading will be taking into account: past production, injury history, and projected performance.

Arian Foster- Foster had some small injury issues last year that cause him to miss the first three games and the final game and was still very productive finishing 4th at the running back position. Look for him to be a solid option this year. He gets a lot of touches in the Texans offense and certainly proved he had value in 2010. SAFETY RATING: 8

Ray Rice- Rice has long since had a problem finding the end zone, until last year. Rice had a break out year and finally put up the numbers everyone knew he was capable of. The biggest question for Rice this year is the offensive line in front of him. But don’t look for that to slow Ray down as he will get touches & passes. SAFETY RATING: 8

Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers had a very solid year last year and with the same crew ufabet เว็บตรงเข้าสู่ระบบ back in Green Bay this year look for him to build on that performance. The only missing piece to the Green Bay puzzle is a Gronk or Graham tight end. But don’t look for that to slow down the aerial assault as Rodgers is your safest bet this year. SAFETY RATING: 10

LeSean McCoy- Shady McCoy is the best RB this year after a break out year last year. McCoy is a fast back with solid hands. He has the best chance to replicate his production from last year. The high-powered offense in Philadelphia will help McCoy spread the field & keep the defense honest as he gashes them for yard after yard. SAFETY RATING: 9

Tom Brady- Brady has just as good of a chance as Rodgers and maybe better. Why? Because he has better options with Gronk, Welker, and Lloyd. Brady has been a top 3 quarterback for the past three years and has his best group of receivers this year with less talent at running back than ever. He will throw it a bunch. SAFETY RATING: 10

Calvin Johnson- While I am not big on taking wide receivers in the first round Johnson has safety to a degree. Although his production relies on Stafford’s health and ability to get him the ball (which has never been a problem). If you are superstitious then beware of the madden curse if not then target this guy at the end of round 1. SAFETY RATING: 6